Universal Bungee (Mega/Micro)

Universal Bungee (Mega/Micro)

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Note: If purchasing this product for the Micro, it must be accompanied by the Micro Bungee Attachment or with the Universal Bungee Cuff if it's for the Mega.

The various attachment areas allow for three (3) different lengths.

"If you don't want a tighter butt, do not get the Bungee." -Sebastien Lagree

Fits the following Lagree Fitness equipment:

  • M2
  • M2S
  • M3
  • M3S
  • M3K
  • M3X
  • EVO
  • The Micro

If ordering for the first time, must purchase "universal bungee cuff" if using on a Mega or "universal bungee attachment" if using on the Micro.