Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Micro arrive assembled or will I need to build it myself?

The base unit comes fully assembled. The handles (which must be purchased separately) attach with a pin-pull mechanism. The rear platform (which must be purchased separately) screws into the back of the frame. Overall, the assembly is very simple.

Will I need to install the Micro’s rear platform myself?

Yes, the rear platform is an add-on and must be secured separately.

Will I need to install the Micro’s front/back handlebars myself?

Yes, you will need to install the Micro handles yourself. However, the handles attach very easily.

Is there a discount if I purchase multiple Micros?

If you buy a second Micro, you get $100 off the second purchase.

Will I get a discount if I am a Lagree Fitness licensee?

Yes, if you are a current Lagree licensee, you get $100 off the Micro.

Will I get a discount if I am a Lagree Fitness instructor?

Yes, if you are a Lagree certified (must show proof of certification), you get $100 off the Micro.

Will I get a discount if I regularly attend a Lagree studio?

No, there are no discounts for people who attend a Lagree studio.

Can I pick up my order instead of paying for shipping?

Yes, you can pick up the Micro at our warehouse located in Chatsworth, CA.

Is the At-Home Workout app free if I purchase a piece of Lagree equipment?

No. The app is only $9.99 month or $99.99 a year. We highly recommend this service.

Can I combine multiple promos or discounts?

No, promos and discounts cannot be combined. For example, a promo/discount to receive $100 off if you are a trainer cannot be combined with another promo/discount to get $100 off. Only one promo/discount can be used per order.


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