M2 Megaformer - RESTORED
M2 Megaformer - RESTORED

M2 Megaformer - RESTORED

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Our restored models are secondhand models that have been restored to their original condition. Instructions, exercises, routines, and live classes are available at www.lagreeod.com

Carriage: This simple, flat carriage is designed for stretching and exercises performed lying flat on the back. Two (2) openings for hand and foot placement are located on the front and back of the carriage. (Do not put hands or feet through holes. Hands: Keep wrists straight and strong. Feet: Grip with toes)

Handles: Curved adjustable handles are located on the front and back.

Platform: Square pads only (which has changed in the newer models to be more comfortable on the user’s wrists). Some users often find they must grab the edge of the pad for increased comfort.

Springs: 6

250 pounds
17.5” from floor to top of the carriage

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