M3X Megaformer - NEW
M3X Megaformer - NEW
M3X Megaformer - NEW
M3X Megaformer - NEW

M3X Megaformer - NEW

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Patented and Patent Pending

The M3X provides more adaptability for each person’s body frame and size.

Carriage: This is the same carriage as the M3K, however, unlike the M3K, the M3X includes a second pair of handles that are located on the back of the carriage for increased hand and foot placement options. Side rail from M3S has been extended on the M3K with pads between the rails on the front and back. Four (4) side openings are located at the front of the carriage, and an additional four (4) side openings are located at the back of the carriage. Handles are also located in the middle of the carriage.

Handles: The static handles, which are called Plus Handles, are softer for increased comfort and grip and provide more range and new angles not previously possible with rotating handles. (These Plus Handles can be added onto the M3, M3S, M3K, and M3E with a footpad addition as an option.)

Platform: This platform is similar to the M3K but has been extended for taller people and for those seeking more hand and foot placement options. The extended platform allows for greater muscle activation via an increased range of motion and extension. The same C-handles used on the M3K are found on the M3X, however, an additional branch of handles have been added on the platform of the M3X, providing participants with four (4) hand and foot placement options on each side of the platform.

Springs: 8

375 pounds
17.5” from floor to top of the carriage

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