Lagree EVO 2

Lagree EVO 2

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Patented and Patent Pending
EVO 2 is a copycat killer!!

This page is for information only! You need to contact us to purchase or lease the Megaformer or the EVO.

Ask for current lead times!!

You have 3 different options for price; depending if the machine is new or restored and if you are a licensee or not.

1. New EVO 2 - if you are a Licensee, you pay this price (leases are also available): $12,900
2. New EVO 2 - if you are not a Licensee, you pay this price: $21,900
3. Restored EVO 2 - does not matter if you are a licensee or not (depends on availability): NA

EVO 2 comes standard with the LIGTHNING spring change, static handles, and Tempo Player.

The EVO 2 is based on the EVO 1 and represents the future of Lagree. Lagree is going digital! The EVO 2 is loaded with clever electronics. Just like the EVO 1, the EVO 2 is a departure from the Megaformer. It has been modernized and simplified. The design allows for a far greater range or motion; and more options for body placement and alignment. The EVO is designed for instant transitions; and muscular endurance development. It's lightning spring change allows you to incorporate new training techniques not available on any other analog machine! The EVO 2 stops the copycats dead in their track.

Lagree On Demand (LOD): For Instructions, exercises, on demand classes, and live classes; please go to official virtual platform

Lightning Spring Change: Lightning is our 1st wireless remote control spring change which allows you to change up to 100 machines at the same time. Lightning reduces the spring transition to less than 1 second compared to about 45 seconds on the EVO 1 (based on 10 machines).

Tempo Player: How slow can you go? Our new Tempo player does the math for you and let's you display the tempo and slow it down. The feature is also controlled through our wireless remote control.

Monorail: Lagree is moving toward a monorail design which is much better suited for our method.

Carriage: The 360-degree sidebar called the Ring of Fire wraps all the way around the carriage and is designed for more traction, engagement, control, and muscle activation. The pad is significantly smaller than that of the M3 because the EVO 1 is designed to do more kneeling and standing moves and less laying on the back exercises.

Handles: The handles are integrated into the platform and appear to be a continuation of the platform on both the front and back of the EVO for added functionality.

Platform: Extension of the M3K platform (extended pad). The triangular bar goes all the way around the platform and is integrated into the platform which provides more strength and stability. The triangular grip fits hands better and is more comfortable and ergonomic while gripping. In addition, the triangular grip ensures no footpad is needed during exercise.

Springs: 8 (Superfast technology for fastest transitions). This spring system in a new, centrally mounted, longitudinal spring system that retains the integrity of the springs through their full stretch and prevents excessive wear.

524 pounds
17.5” from floor to top of the carriage

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