Lagree Micro Handles
Lagree Micro Handles
Lagree Micro Handles

Lagree Micro Handles

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Important Note: The front handles and rear handles are interchangeable as they are the same product. However, it is important to note that a rear platform must be purchased and installed before handles can be installed on the rear end of the Micro.

It is also important to note that handles are sold in a pair, so if you would like to use handles in the front and rear of your Micro, you must purchase two sets of handles.

The Micro Handles provide more stability so you can handle each Lagree move with precision. The Micro Handles will allow you to practice and achieve more Lagree moves than you would be able to without them. These handles are designed with comfort and wrist-support in mind. Use these for CATFISH, TWISTER, SPOON, RUNNER'S LUNGE, and other Lagree Fitness exercises.

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