Mini Pro #4 (Pre Order)

Mini Pro #4 (Pre Order)

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This item is available on Pre-order only. The Mini should be available APPROXIMATELY JULY 2022.

Lagree Fitness is proud to introduce the highly anticipated Mini Pro (Patented and Patent Pending The Mini pro is sold in limited production. You can either pre-pay for the entire machine or contact us and put a $600 deposit to reserve yours today!

What comes with the Mini Pro #4?

The Mini Pro #4 includes the following:

  • Front platform
  • Carriage with flip up platform
  • Rubberized steel cables
  • Pair of handles for the cables
  • Front or Rear Handles
  • Rear Platform

The Mini Pro #4 is bigger than the Mini and smaller than the Mega. All the Micro exercises can be performed on the Mini Pro #4, and most of the Mega exercise can be performed on the Mini pro #4. The Mini Pro #4 also has some unique exercises not available on the Micro and on the Mega.

The Mini Pro #4 is a clever bridge between the Micro and the Mega, and can be a great substitute for the M2 series.

The Mini Pro #4 is heavier and longer than the Mini and we recommend to have a workout space dedicated at your home or gym (as you would for the Mega).

The Mini Pro #4 is commercially graded and can be used at home (no license fee required) or in a commercial setting (license fee applies).

The Mini Pro #4 offers more springs than the Micro: 5 vs (4 on the Micro). The Mega offers 6 to 8 springs depending on the model.

The Mini Pro #4 has a larger front platform and carriage than the Micro.

The Mini Pro #4 has a larger carriage than the Mini. People of 6'4" can lay on their back on the carriage.

The Mini Pro #4 has 2 features than the Micro or Mega don't have:

  • A flip up front platform
  • A carriage with a flip up platform

These features have never been seen or used in the industry, the flip up platform allows you to use the platform as a launch pad for pressing movements. There are 5 available position. This feature is also available on the Rear Platform.

The flip up carriage only has 2 positions: Flat or up.

Key Features of the Lagree Mini Pro #4:

  • A flip-up front platform
  • Carriage with a flip up  platform
  • 5 springs (super light, light, 2 medium, 1 heavy for a total combined tension of approximately 180 LBS)
  • Rubberized steel cables
  • Handles for the rubberized steel cables
  • Front or Rear Handles
  • Rear Platform
  • Length: 119”
  • Width: 24”
  • Height (from floor to carriage): 6 
  • Weight: approximately 170 LBS
  • Footprint: 17.72 square feet
  • Carriage size: L 40” X W 24”

Carriage: The sleek, minimalist design of the carriage allows for ample hand and foot placement. The Mini comes equipped with the Ring of Fire, which is a 360-degree bar that surrounds the entire carriage so you can find comfort in any position. The carriage is guided by the hover wheels to ensure smooth sliding through every workout. The carriage has a flip up platform on the front to combine with the front platform for some new exercises.

Platform: The front platform offers a sturdy base so you can practice even the most physically demanding Lagree moves. The Platform is adjustable to multiple angles. Add on a rear platform for an even larger range of moves.

Handles: Handles bolt on front or the rear of the Mini Pro and gives more options for the hands.

This item is available on Pre-order only. The Mini should be available APPROXIMATELY JULY 2022.


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