Lagree Sliders
Lagree Sliders
Lagree Sliders

Lagree Sliders

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Sold in pair.

Help activate your core, build muscle, elevate stamina, and boost your Micro or Mega routine to the next level.

  • No assembly required
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to travel with

Great accessory to compliment your Micro or Mega workout or great on their own.

  • Dual sided. The shiny, smooth side can be used for soft surfaces such as carpet. The side with fabric and soft cushioning can be used for hard surface such as tile or wood.
  • Includes travel bag for easy storage or for when on the go.
  • User and travel friendly. Can fit anywhere!
  • Sliders enhance any floor movements
  • Exercises and classes available on

The sliders use frictional force or frictional resistance as the type of tension, so it's neither isotonic/static or variable/progressive tension. However, this new type of resistance will force a positive neuromuscular adaptation; you will stimulate your body to create  new neuromuscular pathways.
This is a great product for beginners, people on the go; and also athletes.


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